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Are you scaling fast and in need of serious, Senior Architect problem solving engineers to join your team?

Hire contract 10x engineers available for short - long term projects

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Everyone that works within the tech side of business knows that the business arm of the company will always come at you with new, critical requirements and features and even the most simple implementation can break your architecture. It’s really important to follow the best architectural practices keeping your application(s) very flexible, maintainable and most importantly - reliable. We don’t just understand SOLID, SOA and Microservices - we use it on a daily basis. High load services and scaling infrastructure while allowing new feature development is what we are good at.
The definition of a mid level engineer in a company of 30 and a company of 300 is completely different. It’s really important that you have a very clear criteria for what exactly you define as a senior vs mid level engineer. Years of experience, tech stack, performance are all great metrics to validate your new engineers. While you may have a clear picture of exactly what you think different seniority levels are, this varies from team to team and as such it’s important you have written down and clearly shown the exact skill sets and years of experience you require. We can help you with this to avoid this problem happening again.
Once a platform initiates serious marketing campaigns of any manor - we understand and expect to see a huge increase in user engagement and traffic. We always use AWS and have autoscaling setup with a ready built software architecture for scaling vertically with Docker Container managed with Kubernetes. We also take great care on the database side of things using RDS with the correct replications strategy to handle this without worries. Data caching, while not the cheapest solution is also one of our go to strategies for scaling companies as we are able to handle all traffic without any errors and most importantly, no downtime.
We understand your concerns and have seen this time and time again. Once we are able to clearly identify what skill sets and level engineers you require we screen all candidates ourselves using our tried and tested internal processes, making sure that nobody slips through our net. Our reputation for delivering is everything to us and we will always make sure we are providing the best level people for the task

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