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Software Development Solutions for Tech Companies

Build fast. Keep your equity. Save on costs.

Build fast.
Keep your equity.
Save on costs.

Growing startups who trust us:

What Our Clients Say

"Clockers have been a fantastic partner for Kinderlist. Any initial anxieties were quickly removed through great comms and a common culture."

Lex Deak

“We spoke with our new developers on a daily basis using video calls for the stand-ups. Clockers was brilliant and I'd recommend them to anyone.”

Josh Walsh

“We hired a full software development team to build a very complex internal CRM with lots of API integrations. Clockers has absolutely delivered what we needed."

Sean Pearman


We have a huge pool of extremely talented resources that are available for short term contract work at very favourable day rates covering all tech stacks on the market. Our short term resources are used by many different scale-up stage companies and digital agencies across the UK and are delivering great results.

Reach out to us today and tell us exactly what you are looking for - we will then come back with 3 relevant applicants in less than 7 days guaranteed.

Get From Where You Are
To Where You Need To Be

Bringing a new idea to market and want to build your MVP?

We are experienced Startup veterans who know how to build software and mobile applications, the right way. When taking something from idea to actual working product it can be very easy to get carried away and spend a lot of money on features and ideas that are not needed, not tested and just guesswork.

Think to yourself, what’s the 1 killer core feature that this product must absolutely have? Then, we start there.

Have an MVP and ready to build a serious product?

If you’ve already built an MVP whether it be through a digital agency, freelancers or your own team then firstly, huge congratulations on getting to this stage! We know it's not easy.

You are ready to scale.

Finding and hiring a development team that will absolutely deliver at this stage is critical to your business survival, however finding the right people is not easy and takes a lot of time but can also be extremely expensive. We have the solution you are looking for.

We are not a digital agency that will take a project from you and come back when it’s completed

We are your development team. Day in, day out. Together.

How does it work?

Scoping Session.

Everything starts with a Scoping Session - where we learn about your idea, what stage you are at and where you want to go.


Following the Scoping Session we will have outlined the next 3 months worth of development requirements.


We will give this new 3 month Project Scope to two of our trusted development teams to estimate separetly for us.


You will be invited to a video call with our technical Project Manager to answer any further questions that they may have just to make sure that nothing is missed out when providing you with an estimate.

Meet The Devs.

You are provided with the two estimations and invited to meet our professional development teams that want to work with you on this project.


Once you have selected the team you are happy with and a price you are comfortable with - we get started. Our team are involved every step of the way from start to delivery.

You will get

Daily Sprint standup video calls

Dedicated technical Project Manager

Regular updates and progress demos

A team you will be proud to call your own

Listen to some of our
Success Stories

Josh Walsh, Enjovia

What is a Project
Scoping Session?

When building any type of digital product but especially mobile and web applications it’s important to understand exactly what you are building and for who.

We understand that this can be an overwhelming stage for anyone however, it’s ok. This is a process we have done time and time again and so will listen to where you are and understand where you want to go, then assist making a roadmap on how to get there.

These take place in our London office just outside of Shoreditch, next to Hoxton overground station.

Why is it free?

We don’t charge for Scoping Session for two reasons:

First: Our founders have been burnt by bad development teams in the past and know exactly how it feels when everything is overwhelming and doesn’t go as planned.

Second: We like giving back to the sturtup community by offering our time to plan new startup tech companies and outline a plan to bring them to market.